Chasewalk Blog 2010

During the 2000 event I posted a sucession of updates to a webpage with information about what was happening on the event, as it happened. I never knew if anybody was actually reading it - but it was fun to do and created a good history of the event. We didnt have the name at the time, but this was what would come to be known as a blog. This blog was on our very old website on Geocities, which unfortunatly dissapeared at the end of 2009. I have the text from that blog and am trying to find the photos to reconstruct it.
Now recovered: see here

I am going to do the same in 2010, starting with some updates on the preperations for the event.

Andy Upton.

25th January 2010

Following a trial in 2009 of using Blackberrys and emailing in data from checkpoints, we have taken a big step forward with our IT in 2010, introducing this new website which will include live data from the event, and also enable our staff on checkpoints and in minibusses to see what is happening and update our central computer directly from the course, using any web-enabled mobile device.

We also plan to introduce online registration from 2011.

I am now at an advanced stage of writing the systems for this, and we plan to have a dummy event testing session in February.

If you look at the "Where's my team" link you will see the test page.

14th March 2010

Im just about to pack up at home to head south for the week, arriving at Beaudesert on Friday lunchtime to set up for the walk. We have tested and debugged the new systems, I hope it will all work on the day!

This years entries stand at 99 teams and 519 walkers! This is up from 71 teams and 378 walkers last year, this is really good news. There will obviously be a lot of first timers out there next weekend .. good luck to you all I hope you really enjoy the walk.

We are also hoping to see a really good turnout for the presentations at 10:00 on Sunday morning, as many more teams are staying overnight.

19th March 2010 15:45

At Beaudesert putting the finishing touches to the preperations for tomorrows event. We are currently expecting 96 teams with 515 walkers - there are always some who cannot make the start.

The new software is all running now, so you can see live data on the website. Not very exciting yet, except the website is showing:

I suspect the speed calculation is slightly wrong, so investigating this now.

19th March 2010 16:50

Some teams have started to arrive, team 23 book in:

19th March 2010 18:40

Program bugs fixed ... due to no testing with no-one started yet!

The weather isnt going to be as good as the last week or so, its raining at Beaudesert now and the forcast tomorrow is drizzle and grey skys, but staying relativly warm at around 10 degrees.

19th March 2010 20:20

Booking in continues as it rains heavily on the campers ... Team 55 from Sable ESU in Ladybrook Valley:

19th March 2010 23:50

62 teams and 324 walkers booked in ... time for bed, we open again at 04:30!

20th March 2010 04:50

We are up and booking in teams again, breakfast staff are producing delicious fare and kit check opens in 40 minutes.

20th March 2010 12:50

Busy, busy, busy .... finding time to add some updates.
Serving Breakfast:

Outside the start in early morning

Display on our walk control and the same on the Web page

20th March 2010 20:20

Its been a wet day, and 188 people have retired from the walk so far, though we now expect most of those remaining to complete as the mind overcomes the pains on the homeward stretch.

20th March 2010 23:30

Time flys and the last few teams are heading for the end of the walk. Members of Teams 83 and 48 (I think) complete the walk at 23:13