Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ will address the things we are asked by newcomers and old hands alike. If there is something you would like explained (eg "Do I need a spare bulb for my 10 LED torch?") then drop us an email at and we write an answer for everyone to see!

Why is the website not fully functional?The server the site was on went end of life and we had to move it. Some functions need to be modified and will be fixed as soon as possible and in time for the 2019 event.
How do I enter for 2019?See the detailed instructions here
Do I need a spare bulb for my 10 LED torch?No, although with LED head torches now available for low cost and weighing only a few grams, why not carry an entire spare torch!
What is the requirement for hi-viz items and why do we need it?Hi-visibility waistcoats with reflective banding which must be visible front and rear. These must be worn during the hours of darkness, when walking along any roads that do not have a recognised footpath or when instructed to do so by an event marshal.
A minimum of 1 additional hi-visibility waistcoat with reflective banding which is to be placed around the rucksack of the teams back marker.''
Last year some entrants stretched the boundaries of what was and wasn't acceptable. We have therefore redefined the rules that relate to this extremely important safety aspect (see above). For safety purposes their will be times during the event where you will be required to wear (not carry) a hi-visibility waistcoat. This waistcoat must also have reflective material for use at night time.
Not only does this provide a safety feature when walking near moving traffic but it also assists safety teams to find you at night in the event you get lost or have an emergency. You cannot have too much hi-viz/reflective or other safety indicators (maybe the back light off a bicycle fitted to the rear marker rucksack in addition to the waistcoat). But please do take this aspect seriously.
This is an example of the kind of waistcoat that is acceptable.
Why are you asking for mobile phone numbers for all walkers?For a few years now we have been asking for the mobile number of a team member so that we can contact the team if the need arises. This has only been used a couple of times, but has been very valuable on these occasions.
We feel it is a fact of life today that nearly all walkers will be carrying a phone, and if we only have one number per team and the owner of that phone retires then we no longer have a valid contact number. Also mobile coverage does vary across the Chase and one network may function where others do not.
We recognise some people may not wish to give out their personal number, or indeed may prefer to leave technology at home while walking, but it may help us to ensure your safety if we have a contact.
We are not members of the Scout Association. Can we take part?If you are members of Girguiding please see separate FAQ below.
If you are members of another organisation that provides insurance cover for participants in outdoor activities, you might be eligible to take part in the Chasewalk.
Please contact us by email to discuss details.
Can we use the "Blizzard Survival Bag" in place of the team sleeping bag?This specific Blizzard Survival bag is suitable for use as the team sleeping bag.
It would also be a suitable replacement for the individual orange bivi bags, however to keep the rules consistent you still need to carry individual and team bags.
Only this bag is suitable, not the blankets / tubes etc.
Can members of Girlguiding take part in the event?Yes they can. Here is the response from Girlguiding UK:

This event sounds really exciting and I am pleased to confirm that there should be no problems with Girlguiding members participating. Girlguiding would define this level of countryside as "Lowland". No formal qualifications are required for Leaders in this terrain, they just need to have appropriate experience in walking activities. We do suggest that Leaders should hold the Girlguiding Walking Scheme Level 1 qualification, however this is not a requirement.

Members of The Senior Section (14+) are able to walk in small groups without a Leader provided they adhere to the following regulations:
The group leaves a copy of their route and expected return time with a responsible adult who can be contacted by the group at any time during the walk.
All participants under 18 walking without an adult Leader must have completed a Girlguiding Information and Consent for Event/Activity form.
Members of The Senior Section walking without an adult Leader must have the approval of their unit Leader.

Their Leader must ensure:
The participants have had the necessary training and experience.
The participants have appropriate clothing and equipment.
The minimum number of girls in a group may be reduced to three if they are all aged 14 or over (a group of four is recommended as this makes them more able to deal with any emergencies.)

These regulations and further information about Girlguiding regulations for walking activities can be found on the Girlguiding website.

Please note that all Girlguiding members must complete official Girlguiding forms for the event. For the camping element, Leaders must hold the Going Away With Licence and must have gained approval for the event via their Commissioner.