Chase Walk 2018

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TeamNameGroupNext CPETA NCPWalkers
1@FTSTteamArtemis 1st Streetly Guides R####
2Lambs to the slaughter Gower College Swansea B####ABCDEFG
3Merlin ESU Merlin Explorer Scout Unit FF2101ABC
4The Salty Badgers 281st St. Davids Scout Group FF1817ABCDE
5The Red Hot Chilli Steppers 5th Cannock Guides FF1746ABCDEF
6Bablake Bimblers Bablake District FF1726ABCDE
7It Was A Rhetorical Question Warriors ESU FF2133ABCDEF
8Armstrong 2 Armstrong Explorer Scout Unit R####
9The Sister Squad Earhart Explorers Unit FF2231AB
10Not Used W####
11Focus Focus Explorer Scout Unit FF2232ABCD F
12Phoenix Two Phoenix ESU - Alsager FF2029ABCD
13Ella of a team Gower College Swansea FF2139ABCDEFG
14Earhart ESU Shrek Squad 1st Sandwell FF2231AB
15Armstrong 1 Armstrong Explorer Scout Unit FF2101AB
16The Wanger Society Scorpion Explorers FF1805ABCDE
17888/481 Air Cadets - Team 1 888/481 Air Cadets FF2218A CDE
18Seeonee Leaders Out For A Stroll Warriors ESU FF2241AB
19Odyssey ESU 1st Meriden FF2046AB DE
20Not Used W####
21Centurion Esu 1 centurion esu FF2213ABCD FG
22Noah’s Nut Allergy The Stags Explorers R####
23Scrambled Legs 96th Birmingham FF2205ABCD
24Dashing Ducks Drake ESU FF1905 B D FG
25Phoenix Three Phoenix ESU - Alsager FF2132 CD
26Radford Rhinos Radford Rhinos ESU FF2209ABCDE
27Chlos Toes Silvanus ESU FF2300A C
28Genes not Jeans Warriors ESU FF2107ABCD F
29Leddy Left Us Hudson ESU FF2000ABCD
30Not Used W####
31Born Survivors Scorpion Explorers FF1900AB
32888/481 Air Cadets - Team 2 888/481 Air Cadets FF2218AB D FG
33Phoenix One Phoenix ESU - Alsager FF2132AB D
34Just Above Average The Stags Explorers FF2231 B D
35Pennys Army Three Spires Network FF1946A CDEF
36Meatheads Warriors ESU FF2041ABCDE
3721st West Stafford leaders 21st West Stafford FF2241 BC
38Cirque de Sore Legs 96th Birmingham FF2205ABCD
39888/481 Air Cadets - Team 3 888/481 Air Cadets FF2218ABC EF
40Leddys New Team Hudson ESU FF1758ABCD
411st MG Leaders 1st Marston Green Scout Group FF2241ABC
42Rea Valley Explorer Belts Group 1 Rea Valley Explorer Scouts W####ABCD
4321st Leaders 21st Wolverhampton FF2200ABCD
44Team Bacon Silvanus ESU FF2300A C
45Intrepid Juvenile Delinquents Intrepid ESU FF2057ABCDE
46Timet Anatis Drake ESU W####ABCD
47The One and his desciples Elements ESU FF2127 BCDE
48Walky McWalkface Great Western ESU B####
49Simpson A Simpson ESU FF2236A D
50Not Used W####
51Mallory ESU Mallory ESU FF2232ABCDE
52Flying Trouser Snakes Explorers FF2145A CDE
53Wally Juniors 1st Hednesford FF2205ABCDEF
54Intrepid Meandering Malfeasance Intrepid ESU FF1945ABCDEF
55Rea Valley Explorer Belt Group Rea Valley Explorer Scouts FF2333A D F
56Not Used W####
57238 Northfield Nutters 238th northfield methodist FF2132A CD
585th Solihull 5th Solihull FF2131ABCD
59Simpson B Simpson ESU FF2236 BCD
60Not Used W####
61Intrepid Foul Reprobates Intrepid ESU FF2057ABCD
62Trident ESU Trident ESU FF2029ABCDEF
63Unfinished business Blythe Network & 11th SolihullFF1638ABCD
64WiiFit Lichfield Explorers FF1900ABCDE
65Intrepid 'Curs'd Youth Intrepid ESU FF1705ABCDEFG
66Humphreys Hobblers 36th Walsall FF2002ABCD FG
67Triton Vandyck VSRGU Drake ESU FF1755ABCD
68Pixies Cavalier Mob St Pauls 114th FF1807ABCD
69Intrepid Superannuated PeregrinatioIntrepid ESU FF1839ABCDEFG
70Not Used W####
71Nigel Theakers Barmy Army Three spires Network FF2139AB DEF
72Intrepid Moody Teenagers Intrepid ESU FF1557ABCD