Chasewalk 2000 - Live!

Chasewalk 2000 - Live from Beaudesert

Welcome to the live feed from Beaudesert, the center of the 2000 Chasewalk.
Come back often for new pictures and stories from the event, starting Friday 17th March.
04:03 Saturday The catering and booking in teams are up and getting prepared for the days work. Most competitors are still snoring in their tents!
The weather here is overcast but dry, cool but not cold. Underfoot the ground is a little soft in places, but generally not too wet and muddy - excellent contitions for some fast times today.
08:00 Saturday 483 walkers in 88 teams have now left Beaudesert. The weather remains cool and dry, with patches of blue sky occasionally visible, and very little wind.
Louise Lane, 18, of Swansea College, gets her moment of fame by being the first person to retire from the walk. She can now relax and think of her team mates slogging on around rest of the 39 mile course.

Outside the Kit Check
Outside the kit check

Andy Upton booking in another team

Team 91 "Dundee Devils" at Book In

The lead team is now approaching checkpoint 3. The distribution of walkers on the course can be seen in this display from the walk computing system, captured at 08:35.

09:05 Saturday Team 1 "The Wrinklies" from 96th Birmingham are the current leader, making 3.6 mph, but team 87 "Harder -N- Faster" from the 1st Knowle are catching up rapidly at 5.0 mph.
12:30 Saturday Team 56 "Gob Almighty" from the 1st Pelsall VSU, Aldridge Brownhills have been on a lengthy excursion westwards from CP 4 through Penkridge to the river, before calling control for directions. Hopefully they are now back on track!
13:00 Saturday Heres a screen shot of the current leaderboard: the numbers are next checkpoint, average speed and number of walkers in team.

Heres the latest distribution a teams on the course

Click here to see an animated graph of the walkers on the course - Created by Pete Smith. (Its quite big!)

15:18 Saturday Team 90 from Concord Fellowship, Derbyshire have just crossed the finishing line in 7 hours 50 minutes, with their nearest rivals still aproaching checkpoint 12. The weather continues fine, with generaly clear skys and warm spring sunshine. The main problems on the course are dehydration and blisters from hot feet!!! Quite a change from the rain and even snow of some previous events.
61 Walkers have now chosen to retire from the walk, but 417 are soldiering on!
15:30 Saturday Junior Chase Walk has just finished. This is a 7 mile walk for cubs from the two Sutton Coldfield districts, that uses some of the Chase Walk resorces. Its aim is to introduce groups of cubs, walking with an adult, to the joys of Cannock Chase in March. 220 cubs and leaders took part.
18:00 Saturday Our roving reporter Peter Zacaroli has finally returned with his camera full of digital images to bring you almost live from the event.. Heres a few, more will be posted after the event (over a faster line!)

Team 11 "P4K9" from 1st Chase Terrace (we think)

Team 60, "Nice 'n' Slow", from 1st Knowle Antares VSU, walk down the Sherbrook Valley towards CP 10

Another team in the Sherbrook Valley

Checkpoint 9

19:00 Saturday Darkness falls over Beaudesert as the event enters its 14th hour. 12 teams have now finished but 321 people are still walking, getting torches out and pulling on warmer clothes against the chill air. The sky is now clear and we are expecting the temperature to plumet over the next couple of hours. Soup, coffee and tea will be very welcome at the checkpoints!

Tea on tap at Checkpoint 9

Checking for impending blisters

Team 84 "Kizmiaz" from the 1st Prees approach CP9

Team 13 at the finish

The crowd welcome a team into the finish

Members of team 13 "Millennium Warriors" of 1st Chase Terrace finish the walk

Pie and chips in the Cal Dal center at the end of the walk

Relief and joy as members of team 81 "The Twinklies" from 148th Birmingham finish

23:20 Saturday There are now just 43 walkers still to finish, walking on whilst faster teams have enjoyed a shower and maybe a visit to a local pub, and are now getting some much needed rest. The first aiders, from Abingdon Venture Rescue, have been kept busy treating blisters, sprains and other minor injuries.

Dave Betts from the NCT takes the radio microphone in control

03:10 Sunday All the results are now calculated (and available on this website), the certificates are printed and ready for the presentation ceremony at 10:00 tomorrow, or rather today!
Another successful event, see you next year!

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