Chase Walk Live

To view the original table format of team locations for the Main Walk, which shows which team members are still walking, Click Here

To view Scout Walk team locations from GPS trackers Open Maps or Google Maps

To view Main Walk team locations from GPS trackers Open Maps or Google Maps

You can manage which teams are displayed by selecting "Menu" and then "Participants" - view any or all the Active teams. On desktop you can also view the track of any one team at a time, select which from the "Select Track" option

Switching from the Scout Walk to the Main Walk (or back) will need you to reselect the displayed teams. It should be OK to have Scouts Walk in one window and Main Walk in another

If you have a desktop or laptop display that is over 1300 pixels wide, on the right side you will see charts of team progress - hover over to see more details.

To view an animated replay for up to four teams at a time click here. You can compare tracks from different events, so you can compare your team from up to four years if you wish.

Choose the event and team for each line, adjust the start and end times, speed and length of snake if you wish, sit back and enjoy

Setting the start time equal to the actual start time for each line will display as if all started together, or set the same start time to view where each team was relative to each other.

You can still see details of previous years via the Durtytracking website.