Team Profile - 16th Worcester Wanderers

Group16th Worcester
Start Number61

Laura CrowneyNovice
Alison ChapmanNovice
Neil JeffreeNovice
Chris RobertsonNovice
Charlie PooleNovice

We are 5 Beaver / Cub / Scout leaders from the 16th Worcester Group.
We have chosen to raise money for The Samaritans, Kidscape and a little bit for our own Scout Group - because we think they're fantastic charities, and also we want to raise awareness of the brilliant work they do and immense difference they can make to people's lives.
We're all new to the event and as a team vary widely in our expected finish time ("we can do it in 12hours" versus "I don't care if it takes 18 hours I just want to finish"!) As self-elected Team Leader, I just hope we're still friends at the end of it!