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Cameron Hancock
Bethany Szamek
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Cenhadaeth Max i Symud - Max's Mission to move This is just step one in a series of endurance walks our group will be undertaking to raise money for a wonderful little boy called Max. Max is 5 years old and has Quadriplegic Spastic Cerebral Palsy, which means his limbs are too tight and he has difficulty doing tasks that we all find easy. He has recently been accepted to have SDR, an operation that would be a permanent fix for his tight muscles meaning he would have a pain free better quality of life without the muscle spasms. Unfortunately SDR is no longer available of the NHS, so with the operation, pre/post physio and equipment we are needing to raise 40,000. Though a difficult feat for us, its does not compare to the pain Max endures everyday. He is the happiest, cheekiest little boy who brings a beacon of sunshine to many- and we want to help him in his mission to move.